Prescription Drugs & Additional Shopping Tools

Prescription Drugs

For members of Access+ and Select+ only, this unique and novel tool shops multiple pharmacy discount programs, mail order programs, and international pharmacies for the best deals. It will also introduce you to Prescription Assistance Programs—a way to get the more expensive medicines much cheaper, if you qualify.

We recommend trying both the Rx Marketplace and to see which gets you the better deal.

Controlling Emergency Room Bills

ER Visits Need Not Break the Bank! Protect yourself from the worry of hyperinflated Emergency Room charges. Our service provides the tools and support to keep your ER bills not involving procedures under $900 …guaranteed. Any emergency, anytime, any hospital-owned ER. An in-ER procedure other than a stent is guaranteed under $2000 and an in-ER stent is guaranteed under $6000.

Subscription in advance is required. You must not sign the ER’s financial consent form without adding Quizzify’s important additional language.

Nationwide, except Alaska and Hawaii

Additional Shopping Tools

Medibid is a national online site that allows doctors to compete to serve you, based on their best price and value to you.

Compare local prices, save money.

Compare prices before you get care. Find and compare prices on Turquoise Health. It’s not everywhere, but it’s growing. Always confirm prices by calling the medical professional or facility to ask the cost of related and additional charges (anesthesia, recovery) that may accrue.

LASO Health connects healthcare consumers with quality physicians in the San Antonio local market. LASO provides transparent pricing, convenient booking, and payment through an easy-to-use and free-to-download mobile app.

San Antonio area only

Sesame is the health care and medical care superstore that delivers convenient, high-quality, full-scope medical care at affordable prices. Much is virtual—from the comfort of your home—and all is transparently priced. Sesame offers consumers choice, convenience, and quality at great prices.

Simplan provides industry-tested negotiation tools to assist Sedera members in achieving competitive market rates for all medical needs, focusing on delivering transparent, turnkey pricing. Simplan can also offer one of our trusted negotiators to advocate on the member’s behalf to arrange pricing that fits their financial needs.

A leading provider of home sleep apnea testing, CPAP products, and CPAP coaching. Cash-pay and streamlining the process of diagnosing and treating sleep apnea.


Durable Medical Equipment & Home Care

Connecting patients to local providers and manufacturers for home medical equipment and various health services. HOMELINK handles all coordination, delivery, and customer service to make sure all needs are met to satisfaction.  

All 50 states

Phone: 800-482-1993

Complete Home Sleep Apnea Care. At home sleep studies, virtual consultations, transparent inexpensive pricing.

Every state except RI, ND, DE, and HI

Other Useful Services

Expert Social Security Disability Representation at 33% under standard rates. No expenses ever. Payment only if benefits are awarded. Also, free Medicare transition assistance for those approaching age 65.


My Notification Service will notify your emergency contacts in the event you have a medical emergency, and can send your important medical information to the doctors taking care of you. It costs very little for this peace of mind, and Sedera members SAVE 80%.


Zenni Optical provides prescription eyeglasses as cheap as $6.99.