Sedera's Cash-Pay Friendly Medical Resources

Sedera Members are cash-pay patients, which means you pay your health care and medical care providers directly. This allows you to maintain a direct relationship with your caring professionals, free of third parties.

Sedera’s Member Advisors and Needs Coordinators are available and happy to assist Members in locating high-quality medical providers. If you have questions, please call a Sedera Member Advisor at 855-973-3372.

Have Freedom to Choose

Rather than being told where to go for a procedure, you choose your care. You have responsibility for your choices.

Be a Savvy Shopper

Finding the best value for medical care helps save money for you and others in the Sedera Community who are sharing your expenses.

Bring Transparency to the System

Becoming a price-conscious patient encourages price transparency and freedom of choice in the medical system.

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