Are you dealing with neck or low back pain? Your Neighbor Physical Therapy is a spine clinic that offers high quality of care for an affordable price. Patients pay less than $100 per visit with an initial FREE consultation.

Dayton, Ohio

A Denver Colorado-based select Network of physicians and healthcare professionals specializing in musculoskeletal, spine, and pain conditions. They offer transparent pricing to Sedera members. ADX has a unique method in which their physicians compete for best clinical outcomes for their patients using various standard as well as alternative / regenerative methods. Some of their interventions are not sharable at this time. See the Sedera Sharing Guidelines under “Alternative.”

Denver, Colorado

Transparent all-in cash prices for Total Knee Replacement and Anterior Total Hip Replacement. Highest volume and Lowest 90 day complication in New York. Lowest narcotic need in nation. Over 85% of patients need no formal physical therapy for recovery.

New Hartford, NY

Orthopedic practice that provides evaluation, treatment, steroid injections, casting, splinting, suturing, and select surgeries with transparent pricing. House call service available.

Colorado Springs and nearby

TruMove Primary Care Musculoskeletal Specialists are Doctorate level Physical Therapists offering effective and affordable care for musculoskeletal problems (ache, pain, strain, sprain, and activity limitation), aiming for you to reclaim comfort, control, and confidence. Virtual or in person. Monthly subscription model available.

Currently limited to Kansas and Missouri

Experienced foot and ankle specialist offering conservative and surgical treatment options. Compassionate and innovative care is our focus.

Greater Kansas City and Jackson County

Our compassionate, highly skilled team is committed to helping you achieve your optimal health and wellness. Our therapists have extensive knowledge and experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitation, manual therapy, and balance therapy. Sedera Members receive transparent pricing. Hardship pricing is also available with proof of income.

Huntersville, NC, and the greater Charlotte, NC area