Medical Specialist

A list of cash-pay friendly specialists in all states.

Uberdocs provide access to a small but growing network of specialist medical professionals (doctors, etc) available for virtual or in person visits that you schedule. They list their prices right up front.

Dr. Diana Girnita, MD, PhD introduces instant access to specialized medicine. Using telemedicine, patients have access in less than one week to an expert rheumatologist. We value direct access to our physician, affordable and transparent cost. No billing surprises, no copayments, no wasted time in travel or check-in, just enough time with your doctor. Practice limited to California, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky.

Zenni Optical provides prescription eyeglasses as cheap as $6.99.

ColonoscopyAssist brings affordable screening options in more than 30 states.

Sesame is the health care and medical care superstore that delivers convenient, high-quality, full-scope medical care at affordable prices. Much is virtual—from the comfort of your home—and all is transparently priced. Sesame offers consumers choice, convenience, and quality at great prices.

TruMove Primary Care Musculoskeletal Specialists are Doctorate level Physical Therapists offering effective and affordable care for musculoskeletal problems (ache, pain, strain, sprain, and activity limitation), aiming for you to reclaim comfort, control, and confidence. Virtual or in person. Monthly subscription model available.

Currently limited to Kansas and Missouri

Complete Home Sleep Apnea Care. At home sleep studies, virtual consultations, transparent inexpensive pricing.

Every state except RI, ND, DE, and HI

Remote neurobehavioral evaluations for individuals with suspected brain injuries (concussion) or other cognitive and emotional/behavioral deficits. Reports are provided by certified neuropsychologists and/or neurologists and include impairment level and a roadmap for future treatment recommendations.

Nationwide. Virtual.

Dr. Bowden is a board-certified Otolaryngologist and Sleep Medicine specialist. She has a conservative approach to surgery and provides care for all ages. Note: Not all she offers will be sharable by the Sedera community.

Houston, TX

Pediatric cardiologist providing direct-care to patients from well-child-check to pediatric congenital and acquired heart conditions to adult cardiology screening. Dr. Nancy Hua believes in providing transparency and accessibility to patients of all ages.

Billings, MT, with virtual access in Montana and Wyoming

Access direct cardiac care at affordable prices. Same-day or next-day appointments. On-spot diagnostic testing & reporting. Labs at discounted prices.

Practice area: Cary, NC with home visits in that broad area – Telehealth throughout North Carolina

Advanced Institute for Diabetes & Endocrinology specializes in expert care of diabetes, thyroid, medical weight management, osteoporosis, and other hormone conditions.

Mansfield, TX (DFW area)

Complete Medicine is an endocrinology practice that treats patients with diabetes, overweight, obesity, thyroid disease, and other hormonal conditions including adrenal disease, pituitary disease, PCOS, low testosterone, and menopause. All of our clinicians are MDs board-certified in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism.

Virtual visits available anywhere in Texas and Oklahoma – Locations in San Antonio, TX, and The Woodlands, TX

Boutique telehealth practice focused on preventing and managing heart disease in everyone and especially in those who have ever been diagnosed with cancer – a medical home, a place of rejuvenation and hope.

Nationwide (we are licensed nationwide)

Personalized heart risk information to protect the heart and help prevent breast cancer from spreading or coming back, for anyone who is going through cancer treatment or had treatment in the past.

Nationwide (we are licensed nationwide)

Dr. Sadiq at Well Endocrinology provides personalized telehealth for diabetes, weight loss, and thyroid issues, focusing on root causes and hormone balance for your well-being.

Illinois & Michigan

Bay Area Neuropsychiatry offers holistic mental health care, emphasizing empathy and integrity. With tailored treatment plans and virtual care services, we prioritize patient’s unique needs and overall well-being.

Downtown San Francisco: In-person
California: Virtual appointments available

Bridge Dermatology offers patients expert skincare solutions from a board-certified dermatologist at the time and place that is most convenient for you.


Miiskin offers convenient photo-based online dermatology consultations with board-certified dermatologists at your preferred time and place. Get your medical evaluation and, if needed, prescription medication within just a few days.


Transcendence Behavioral Health provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management for mental health and substance use disorders.

Tampa, FL & Portland, OR