Laboratory & Radiology Testing

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Prices for diagnostic testing can vary for the exact same test by 10-times or more.

Laboratory Testing

RequestATest provides special pricing for the two largest national laboratory providers in the US, Quest and Labcorp. It is very easy to use, customer-friendly, and provides clearly visible and fairly reasonable cash pricing for tests.

Online laboratory blood testing: Save 50-81%.

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X-Rays, Ultrasounds, CTs, MRIs, etc.

Green Imaging helps patients make the most informed decisions about MRIs, CTs, and other imaging procedures. Unlike other imaging facilities, the cash-pay price we provide is the final price you pay. There is no extra charge for the radiologist fee.

Medmo provides nationwide excellent prices for self-pay patients (Sedera members) for numerous radiology studies.

Mobile ultrasound imaging, onsite in doctors’ offices often at 1/8th the price.

Kansas & Missouri Only

Inexpensive xray and other imaging services with low cash pay prices including CT scans for around $300.

Austin Texas

Compare local prices, save money.

Radiology Assist is a free resource available to the under-insured community giving individuals access to affordable diagnostic imaging.