Direct & Virtual Primary Care Providers

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is local to you, while Virtual Primary Care (VPC) offers national, on-line convenience. For either, you pay a monthly subscription fee directly to your chosen professional.

What does this monthly fee include?
  • Amazing, nearly unlimited access, to your primary medical care team/physician/practice, for no (or little) additional cost
  • Professionals who care about your health, as well as treating your sickness
  • Avoidance of trips to the clinic or expensive emergency room visits
  • Discounts on laboratories, radiology and specialty care are commonly included
Direct or Virtual Primary Care is the perfect complement to Sedera Medical Cost Sharing.

We encourage all our members to consider joining a DPC or VPC. We strongly encourage any member with a chronic medical condition or multiple medical needs to join a DPC or VPC practice.

By joining a DPC or VPC, you will receive a substantial financial discount on your monthly sharing contribution to Sedera!

To fix the medical system and keep Sedera Sharing affordable for all, choose your DPC or VPC in the link below.